Walkera HM 4G3 Helicopter Brushless Motor
CNC Aluminium CCPM
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Walkera HM 4G3 Helicopter Brushless Motor, CNC Aluminium CCPM

Length 273 mm
Height 225 mm
Main Rotor Dia. 302 mm
Tail Rotor Dia. 58 mm
Flying Weight 70g
Battery 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po

Specification :

  • Ready to Fly
  • Transmitter: WK-2601
  • Receiver:RX-2605
  • Gyro: Built-in
  • Servo: wk-02-1 / weight 3.18g / speed 0.12sec/60o(3.0~4.5V) / torque 0.12kgf/cm / dimension 19.2*8.3*19.7mm
  • Full metal rotor head design

Features :

  • Ultra mini indoor 3D mode broke the concept of space limitation
  • Super mini but super precision
  • Small size helicopter but with full functions of big one
  • The latest single-cell LiPo technology is CREATIVELY used in this size helicopter in the world. It features friendly environment and energy-saving concept
  • Equipped with high performance motor, the flight time will be up to 7 to 8 minutes at 3.7V 400mAh LiPo battery pack, depending on your flight mode.
4G3-BMotor_Esc   4G3 Brushless Upgrade Accessory(Packing)

2490   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-02   Flybar Set

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-03   Main Blades Holder

450   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-04   Flybar Steering Ball

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-06   Flybar Connector

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-07   Flybar Paddle

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-09   Guide Ball

237   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-11   Main Shaft

237   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-12   Main Frame

680   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-14   Blade Controller

356   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-15   Servo Holder

237   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-17   Battery Frame

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-20   Tail Gear

189   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-21   Tail Knighthead

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-22   Canopy

356   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-24   Tail Motor Wire

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-26   Screw Set

119   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-27   Bearing Set

475   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-32   Set 3 new Servo 2g

New servo for 4g3 with 1g less
2490   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-32   Set 3 Servo(3g-1)

1990   In Stock
HM-4G3-Z-31   Charger(4.2V 500mAh)

  • Europe plug 220V
  • CE Norm
  • 490   In Stock
    HM-4G3-Z-39   brushless motor(upgrade to brushless version)

    1520   In Stock
    HM-4G3-Z-40   speed controller (upgrade to brushless version)

    1291   In Stock
    HM-4G3-Z-43   Tail speed controller BL.

    1490   In Stock
    HM-4G3-Z-44   Tail wire set BL.

    350   In Stock
    HM-4G3-Z-45   Tail holder BL.

    350   In Stock
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